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I'm back in college. :< The break was really nice. I got to see Brie and Isabel and snuggle with my kitty and play pokemon. But now it's back to reality and trying to finish up my projects. I can't believe I only have a month and a half left in my junior year. DDD: I pick my classes for next year in 2 weeks. I am numb.

My parents drove me back into the city yesterday to see Wicked, which was awesome! I've wanted to see it forever, and it was splendid. I read about half of the book but stopped because of all my school work, so I want to reread it and finish it sometime. Before that we got lunch at this nice French place, which later gave me some mad food poisoning. I'm still not feeling quite right today, but I have so much stuff to do that I can't even relax. >: I start school again on Tuesday, and have to cram all the work I was supposed to do over break into today and tomorrow. Yay!

I will make a constant effort to check here and post here.

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