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oh hay.

I haven't updated in forever :<

School has been eating my life. I love college, I love art school, I love my major but this year has been so stressful I've almost been at the breaking point so many times. DX I barely have time to enjoy the city anymore or do things I like to do. I only leave my dorm to go to class, go to the art supply store, and buy groceries. It's really sad. D: I did make the dean's list, though. Which I wasn't expecting at all. Hopefully this semester will be better, or at least I'll get faster at doing my work so I'll have more time for myself.

Which is why I haven't been updating as much. Nothing has really been going on besides school and stress. DX Winter break was nice, it was good to seen my friends and my mom and my cat, but it was also crazy and stressful. One major upside to my break, though, was my sister got a new kitten. :DDD His name is Marty McFly and he's the size of my hand. He's adorable. askjhfksjdhgksjgh

This entry was all over the place. DX Hopefully I'll get my life back in order, and I'll have more interesting stuff to talk about next semester.

I hope you've all been awesome.~

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